Sunday, 2 May 2010

Prey by Thomas Emson

Prey by Thomas Emson

Genre: fiction - werewolf
Rating: Very Good *****

In Russia a mysterious animal brutally kills gangster Vasili Kolodenko.
Police officer Lev Dasaev follows the trail to the US, where he finds himself caught up in a family feud...a feud that runs blood deep - werewolf blood deep!

My Thoughts
This book is the follow on to Maneater, and I really think you need to have read the first one to be able to understand this one fully.
Laura Greenacre is now living in New York,trying to stay out of trouble, but knows she is being looked for. John Thorn and his daughter are still hiding in Wales. Ruth Templeton is after them both, seeking revenge for the loss of her son and family in the Trafalgar Square incident.
A good plot and well written - I just think it doesn't stand alone. You need to read Maneater first.
Still - I recommend these novels - so read them BOTH!

fiction 2010 # 58
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