Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Afterlight - Alex Scarrow

Afterlight - Alex Scarrow

Genre: fiction
Rating: Excellent *****

Follow up to the excellent Last Light, the novel is set 10 years after the oil crisis that effectively shut down the world.
Society has broken down and only small groups of survivors remain, fighting against disease and starvation, and the hoards of roaming thugs who kill and rape anyone for fun.
Jenny Sutherland heads a small group of survivors, fashioning a new way of life on a a series of decaying offshore oil-rigs, recycling water, growing food and fishing.
Yet there is unrest in the community, those who want to try to exist on the mainland again, unaware that dangers still exist.
For there is trouble coming, and once again it will be a fight for survival....

My thoughts:
A realistic look at what the world might be like if the oil does stop pumping.
A terrifying glimpse at how society breaks down, and a dog eat dog world comes into being.
Well written, with engaging characters, this book is not one for the squeamish, but definitely one to read!
You can read this novel alone, or read it after reading Last Light
A great thriller. Recommended.

A warning of what our lives may be like if we don't rethink and stop our reliance on oil consumption.
All hail renewable energy ....

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