Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A thousand Suns - Alex Scarrow

Genre: fiction
Rating: Very Good ****

Photographic journalist Chris Roland is sent to cover the story of a WW2 American B17 bomber plane discovered off the coast of the USA
What he discovers is not what he expected.
Chris finds himself embroiled in a historic conspiracy that the US have tried to keep under wraps.
Dead bodies, disappearing locals after the war, and a WW2 plot by Hitler to go ahead with his atomic programme, put his life at risk.... (it's difficult not to give the plot away too much here).

My thoughts:
Really good book using actual historical evidence of Germany's atomic programme to cleverly weave a plot of events that could potentially have occurred.
Once again well researched, written with style and a convincing plot.
Characters are believable and the WW2 Germany pilots are engaging - your sympathies lie with them.


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