Thursday, 29 April 2010

Chosen Prey by John Sandford

Chosen Prey by John Sandford

Genre: fiction - thriller / crime
Rating: Very Good ****

Lucas Davenport is called on to help investigate a body found in a shallow grave in Minnesota, that of a young woman who appears to have been strangled.
Connecting the murder to a series of pornographic drawings that have been sent to numerous women, they come across more victims of this serial killer, buried together in a woodland site.
Lucas begins investigating the connection to the art world, while the killer stalks his next victim...

My thoughts
I enjoy the Prey series, although I didn't find this one as gritty as the other ones I've read.
Still, it's nice to see how the characters are progressing.
I just hope Lucas is more hard-nosed in the next one!

fiction 2010 # 56
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