Thursday, 29 April 2010

Far North by Marcel Theroux

Far North by Marcel Theroux

Genre: fiction - post-apocalypse
Rating: Very Good

In the Far North of Russia, after an unstated disaster has devastated the planet, Makepeace patrols the ruins of a dying city.
Once an official peacekeeper, now long since left without orders in this cold, vast isolated world.
Struggling to survive and starved of company, Makepeace find evidence of 'civilisation' somewhere beyond the hills.
Undertaking a grueling journey, what Makepeace discovers is not as hoped.
instead is an even harsher wold, forced labour camps, terrible conditions, and a mysterious 'zone' where old technology is thought to be the answer to all problems.

My Thoughts
A disturbing, moving novel which leaves you hoping that civilisation never comes to this.
The central question of the novel is 'What is it to be human?' - what makes life worth living for.
Loving written with a feel for the remote sub-arctic landscape.
If you can read this sort of fiction without becoming depressed, you will enjoy this novel.

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